The Difference a Good Template can make is massive.   Why Do we think this? ….. When a wedding, party or family event has been planned. Lots of things have been factored into this. Colour…… The colour of the room, the colour of the dresses, the colour of the flowers, the colour of the ties […]


October 19, 2016

The Difference a good Template can make.

What makes an Open Air Booth so Great? 1) The Image area is so big – In an open air photobooth, if given the maximum space of 10ft x 10ft. You can fit hundreds of people in a picture (well maybe 20) but the fun that can be had is endless. You can all try […]


April 4, 2016

What makes an Open Air Photobooth so Great?

Free standing open air photobooth

The Ultimate Birthday Bash! Chris’s 65th Birthday Party…………… The booth was booked by Chris’s wife and this was all a surprise for Chris and knew nothing about the photobooth. They were a fantastic couple, full of fun, love and happiness. They were surrounded by friends and family that clearly loved them both very much. This was […]


February 22, 2016

Chris’s 65th Birthday Party @The Mount Pleasant, Southport//Event Photobooth Hire

Southport Photobooth Hire

Corporate Photobooth Hire…….. We were asked by a big Corporate company to work with them with some seasonal celebrations they had up and coming. Of course we were happy to assist. We are always happy to re-work our packages to suit every client. No matter how big the ask its always worth asking. On this […]


January 7, 2016

Corporate Photobooth Hire

Northwest photobooth hire southport

Crazy Christmas Party Photobooth! Smile-o-matic meets Access Point for the first time, and what a meeting it was! Access Point is a local Southport Business of where I (Sally) used to work. The company is amazing and really know how to throw a good party! It was a sad and happy day when I made […]


December 14, 2015

Crazy Christmas Party Photobooth

Party Photobooth

        What a fun Event we had at Southport College. The Students were so keen to get in the booth and have a laugh. Usually sober events such as the college’s can be slightly more tame than events that might have that alcoholic stuff present! Not here! The departments came down and […]


December 7, 2015

Southport College Festive Fair, Southport

Northwest Photobooth Hire

Dobbie’s Garden World arranged a ladies night only evening in their store. In the store there were so many different companies. The whole sore was buzzing with excitable ladies with bubbles in their tummy’s. There were hair dressers, make up artists, cocktail stands, champagne stands, d.js, half naked men, half naked women, masseurs, cake stands, […]


December 4, 2015

Dobbie’s Garden World ‘s Ladies Night // Northwest Photobooth Hire

Northwest Photobooth HBire

We attended a beautiful wedding in Hornby called Castle Inn, just on the outskirts of Lancaster. The wedding was beautiful and full of colour’s. The guests were full of fun and used the booth to its full advantage. The space given to us by the lovely staff at the castle inn was perfect. Out the way of the […]


November 16, 2015

Photobooth Fun at the Castle inn Lancaster

Southport Photobooth Hire

Why did we choose this style of Photostation? We have been looking into purchasing a Photobooth for a few years as we attend weddings weekly with our photography (Stevenrooneyphotography.com) and see them at most weddings. No matter what the style they always look fun! Some are big, some are little, some are not built well, […]


November 2, 2015

A Booth thats not a Booth! // Photobooth Hire

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