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Corporate Photobooth Hire……..

We were asked by a big Corporate company to work with them with some seasonal celebrations they had up and coming. Of course we were happy to assist. We are always happy to re-work our packages to suit every client. No matter how big the ask its always worth asking. On this event it meant a four hour gap in the middle. We were happy to make allowances and do a bit of Christmas shopping! 

The event itself was a lot of fun people coming down for brew breaks and stopping for a cheeky photo in the middle. Also at this corporate event was a candyfloss machine, a popcorn stand. More Cake than anyone could eat and loads of happy managers happy to fill the event with Christmas cheer.

They ll clearly knew how to work a booth many stayed for a few pictures. There were departmental pictures taken, work colleagues and just mates having fun. All of them loved the booth and used it with ease. I always feel part of the family when I’m at an event and this one was no exception. The staff were lovely. We even got treated to lunch, and it was yummy! The security even said they would come for a pic next time. I will definitely hold them to that! 

We are looking froward to there next events as they were so happy they have booked us for more events in the future. 

Why book a booth for a corporate event?

Simple answer is because it works! The staff feel like they have had a great treat. Your business name is all over there print, which not only looks good for future employees but also customers see how you look after your staff. It does not have to impact on your normal running of the day, we can fir around breaks. They have memories to treasure that you gave them, and its just all round  fun for everyone involved! 

Here are some of my favorites from the event –

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