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The Difference a good Template can make.A good template can make all the difference to a theme, colour choice or styled party. See some different designs here.

The Difference a Good Template can make is massive.

Birthday Photobooth Template


Why Do we think this? …..

When a wedding, party or family event has been planned. Lots of things have been factored into this.

Southport Photobooth Hire


The colour of the room, the colour of the dresses, the colour of the flowers, the colour of the ties and cravats, the colour of the carpets, the colour of the curtains, even down to the colour of you hair. Most factors will be considered.  So the colour of the template should be right!


Christmas photobooth


Parties have themes that also need to be included. Such as 70’s, Retro, Christmas, Great Gatsby, Black tie, Corporate, Bonfire, Halloween, Vintage, Disney and lots of different film themes. So this should be included into your Template.

Wedding Themes for photobooth templates


Every party host is different. A template that rocks for one person could be the last thing another person wants. So your template should be about you and what you like and not about what other people have.

Southport Open air photo booth

We design all our templates in-house and work with you to make sure that every detail is correct for you and your event. We want to add to your event and make it perfect. So we work hard to make the template show that.


If we can answer any questions please drop us an e-mail to sally@smileomatic.co.uk.


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