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Southport College Festive Fair, SouthportPremium Photobooth Hire For any event.





What a fun Event we had at Southport College. The Students were so keen to get in the booth and have a laugh. Usually sober events such as the college’s can be slightly more tame than events that might have that alcoholic stuff present! Not here! The departments came down and had departmental pictures taken for their notice boards, the students took class pictures, and not any formal types haha. Everyone was full of fun.

The event was invented and managed by the students themselves, I felt it went extremely well. I have seen a lot of events planned and run and not all went as smoothly as this one. All the stalls present were well spaced out and literature was prepared for the arrival of all stands. They had paid for us before the event but charged for the prints and donated all the proceeds to the Salvation Army, which I thought was a lovely touch. One of the Stands had been built and created by the students themselves. The Students (events team) constantly checked on all to make sure everyone was happy! I say well done Southport College and your Students!

What did we get up too? Loads of fun and crazy pics. Still waiting on someone to master the jumping pic. But we will get that one day! Just might need a guest who like to jump A LOT! But all other boxes were ticked! Horse heads, feather bowers, masks, glasses, Christmas Hats, Mustaches, Pouts Crazy pose and most importantly BIG SMILES! We also loved the Christmas Jumpers. There was a day when we didn’t wear Christmas Jumpers now they are fashionable! Me as a Christmas lover thinks they are ace! We hope to be invited back to Southport College for other events as this one was just so much fun! Here are a few of the hundreds of Pics we took on the day.

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