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Dobbie’s Garden World ‘s Ladies Night // Northwest Photobooth HireNorthwest Photobooth Hire

Dobbie’s Garden World arranged a ladies night only evening in their store. In the store there were so many different companies. The whole sore was buzzing with excitable ladies with bubbles in their tummy’s.

There were hair dressers, make up artists, cocktail stands, champagne stands, d.js, half naked men, half naked women, masseurs, cake stands, fashion shows and loads more I just cant remember them all. On the booking I wasn’t sure if we would fit in with the well let store theme. I couldn’t of been more wrong and opened my mind to what other avenues we can venture down with our amazing booth. Its  has no boundary’s.

Adults and children alike had fun using the booth. Everyone of them looking as glamorous as the next. All ready for a laugh with friends and family.

As a company we were made to feel so welcome by the Dobbie’s team. They helped us set up and off load back to the car. All the staff got involved with the photobooth. Even the Chefs came in for a cheeky print. As there were so many other businesses there the space allocated to each stand was limited, but yet again I was surprised at how versatile our booth was a fit into a small space and still managed to fit loads of people in each image.

The photobooth is obviously an income for us otherwise there would be no point us doing it. However I can honestly say its the most fun job I have ever had. Not only making people laugh but giving them memory’s to keep of them with their loved ones or friends.

We look forward to doing more events with Dobbie’s. I’ve added a few of the images of the evening to look over.


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