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What makes an Open Air Photobooth so Great?3 fantastic Facts about why an open air booth is perfect for any event.

What makes an Open Air Booth so Great?

1) The Image area is so big –

In an open air photobooth, if given the maximum space of 10ft x 10ft. You can fit hundreds of people in a picture (well maybe 20) but the fun that can be had is endless. You can all try to squeeze your heads in the picture, running around in-between each shot. You can give each other piggy backs, you can go for a pre-shot jump (This has not yet been managed, the jumper is usually crouched prematurely for the flash. We are having fun trying though). The different run about images are so funny and the image is usually captured in people truly laughing. Some of my favourite images from recent events.

Open air Photobooth Open air Photobooth Open air Photobooth Open air Photobooth Open air Photobooth Open air Photobooth


2) Changeable Photo Backdrops –

I have never been to an event that is the same. So why would you want your photobooth to be? We have different coloured backdrops to help add to your colour theme. Some venues have red brick walls, or wooden gates and some very cleaver event organizers have even made personalised chalk boards. The overall effect is great and makes it personal. As we also design all our own templates that the images are printed on, the backdrop can be chosen to work with that also. Some examples of our current backdrops:-

photobooth in liverpool Party Photobooth Northwest Photobooth HBire Southport Photobooth HIre80's photobooth

3) Sleek design that fits in with your wedding styling

When you have spent possibly a year or even two creating an event or wedding that is planned meticulously down to the last detail, you would not want something taking people’s attention away from the beauty you have created. Our open air booth it’s both discreet and cool. The touch screen technology makes it easy to use, and the photobooth can also upload directly to social media. It’s an event booth designed specifially for weddings and high class events and has been a roaring success wherever we’ve been.


Free standing open air photobooth