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Liverpool Photobooth showcasing a wide range of backdrop choicesOpenair Photobooth backdropsMake your photobooth match your theme or colours

        Openair photobooth backdrops

When you have spent months creating perfect matching colours and themes, why should your photobooth be any different!

We have a wide range of coloured sequin backdrops or you could even use the venues walls or views. Have a look at our range of ever growing backdrops. Plus where the venue has been used as the backdrop or even hay bails.

Gold back drop

Beautiful large gold sequins, adds a touch of splendour to any room. Makes the images look classy and fun. Naked men sadly do not come with the backdrop.


Northwest Photobooth

Blush Pink backdrop.

Love love love this back drop………………

How can you not. Beautiful in pink, and this is definitely beautiful in pink. This is matched with a range of colours such as rose gold, Navy, Pink, Lilac and many more.


Pink sequin backdrop in Liverpool Photobooth

Silver Backdrop

The silver backdrop add a touch of sparkle to an event. This also adds with many colours.

Liverpool Openair photobooth

White and Gold Chevrons

This backdrop is great and is very often used in 1920’s themed events, but is beautiful in its own grandeur.

Liverpool Photobooth

Red Backdrop

This is popular around Christmas, Valentines and Halloween. However this is a beautiful backdrop to add to any weddings with a brush of red running through it.

Southport photobooth red backdrop

Black and Gold mermaid Backdrop

This is our new addition. The black and gold backdrop. Brush it down its all gold, brush it up and its all black. This gives you the ability to create your own backdrop using words or drawings on the back, or just a brushed effect. You might want to give your uncle with the dirty mind a warning about drawing rude things on though (haha)

Mermaid back drop in Liverpool

Gold mermaid backdrop

North west photobooth

Paper flowers

Do you want something simple and beautiful and different to the rest. Try our paper flowers out for size. They are elegant and add some pzazz to your image. As long as we can stick them on or hand them from something we will being the along.

Southport Photobooth backdrop

Photobooth backdrops

Navy Sequin.

Do you need to add something Blue? What about this stunning background! Lovely colour Blue! with Sparkles. What more would anyone want!

Navy backdrop

Macrame Backdrop

Macrame Backdrop

Floral designs –

Our Classy off white backdrop with Wisteria flowers draped across the top and our paper flowers added for a bit of colour splash. Different colours available.

Mr & Mr


Use your venue.

Your venue may have features that you can use to make your images even more personal. Walls are great features, or even the view off a golf course. You may have a silk flower wall for your vows, why not keep it longer and use it for the photobooth. Or if your having a festival style wedding why not use hay bails as your backdrop. Stand out from the crowd and make the photobooth yours!

photobooth in Ormskirk, lancashire

Personalised silk flower backdrop

Liverpool Photobooth

Grass backdrop for CAU clients

Open brick backdrop

Harry potter themed photobooth in Southport

Southport Photobooth

White brick backdrop in Southport



Personalised backdrop for southport photobooth

Hay bails backdrop. Lancashire photobooth


Plain Floral backdrop

The same as above but with more simplicity without the paper flowers.

Wisteria Backdrop

Industrial/commercial –

Why not use your equipment as your backdrop. Everyone with have a picture of them and your equipment.

Commercial photobooth

Balloons –

We use a local balloon artist to create some great balloon backdrops for our booths. They are fab and can create so many different effects.  (balloon designs are extra)

Balloon backdrop

Plain white backdrop –

Simple, plain, classy.

Plain backdrop

Balloons –

Different styles of balloon art, this time using a leaning arch and Manchester bees. (Balloons designs are extra)

Balloon art Photobooth

Balloons –

More balloons, this time fun. The flowers help keep it nice and romantic almost. They are however very colourful and loads of fun.

Fun balloon backdrop

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding a booking or the hire of any of our equipment, give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Thanks for reading